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IESB Exclusive Interview with Adult Film Star Jesse Jane

An adult film superstar and sex symbol, Jesse Jane is an all-American blonde, green-eyed, sultry Texan who has risen to international fame with the help of mega adult company Digital Playground. With global exposure on hundreds of magazine covers, including FHM, Maxim, Strip Las Vegas and Arena, and roles in film, television and music videos, Jesse Jane's exuberant love of life and infectious personality have made her one of the favorite and most popular adult film stars today.

In this exclusive interview, Jesse Jane spoke to IESB about making a name for herself in the mainstream film industry, as well as the adult industry, and successfully juggling her career with her family.

IESB: How did you get into the adult industry? Were you a fan of porn, or were you just intrigued by the idea of being on camera?

Jesse: I'm from Ft. Worth, Texas, and my dad was in the military. I think I watched my first porn when I was 13 or 14, and it was a Traci Lords film. I just thought, "Man, that girl is crazy. She's beautiful, and that just looks like so much fun." I had seen it because I was young and curious, but I actually don't watch porn, believe it or not. But, I've always wanted to be a sex symbol.

I started at Hooters, and that wasn't sexy enough. And then, I did some Hawaiian Tropic bikini modeling, and it still wasn't sexy enough. And, I just thought, "I could be a porn star," ‘cause I love to have sex and I'm very open with my sexuality. I love the whole role-playing aspect, and getting to act out fantasies. So, I contacted Digital Playground, and they happened to like me. They flew me to L.A. and I signed a contract, the day they flew me there.

IESB: Where do you think that confidence in your body came from? Was it from your upbringing, or did being a dancer and cheerleader make you more comfortable?

Jesse: Being a dancer and cheerleader helped, but I've been a ham in front of the camera, since I was little, my mom always tells me. I had to not be shy and have confidence because, every two years, I would have to move because my dad was in the military. If I didn't have confidence, there was no way I was going to make friends or adapt to the situation I was in.

I just learned, at a young age, that you have to put yourself out there and have confidence, if you want to succeed in anything, like when I was trying to make friends in a new state, when I was young. And then, just doing cheerleading and dancing, you can't be shy. You perform in front of crowds, so I guess that's helped. But, my mom said, when I was 3 and 4, I would run away from her at the mall and talk to strangers, and she would freak out. That's just how I've always been.

IESB: When did you realize that you could actually make a career out of the adult industry?

Jesse: I've gotta tell you, I was smart when I came into it. I was a regional training coordinator at Hooters, so I have a business background and I know what I need. I have a family. I know what it takes and how to make my money, and I know what I want and what will make me successful. I knew what I was going to be getting myself into, before I got into it, and worked out the details to make sure that I had a comfortable living.

I left Hooters, which I had worked at since I was 17, so I wanted to make sure that I could make money out of it and have a future, so that when I'm out of the business, I can have something from the business that will help make me money when I retire.

IESB: Working with Digital Playground, how much of your career has been a collaborative process with them and how much are you in total control of what you do?

Jesse: It's both. I'm from Texas, but I came from Oklahoma, when I started the business, and Samantha Lewis, one of the owners, tried to convince me to get out of porn. She was like, "If you want to be in mainstream, I can get you there, girl. You don't need to do this." I had to actually convince her that I was made for porn. She was like, "Honey, if you think this is going to get you into mainstream, it's not. But, I know the right people to get you into mainstream." I was like, "I wanna be a sex symbol."

But, it took all of them to help build my image. It's teamwork. I have to maintain myself the way that they like, but they don't ever make me do anything I don't want. I get to give them ideas on movies I would like to shoot, and fantasies that I have, and I've always put myself out there. They do the marketing, they're a great company and they put out great product, but I have to carry the personality. You can't make somebody have a personality. I'm crazy, and I think that freaked them out, at first, because I'm wild and all over the place. But, they've learned to like it and seen that it's gotten me out there much more. It's teamwork. It's not just them, and it's not just me. It's been both of us together.

IESB: How much are you like your porn star persona in your personal life, and how much of who you are on film is someone that you leave on set?

Jesse: I'm actually crazier in my personal life, when I have sex, just because I'm married. I've been married for almost four years now, and I've been with him for five years, and I need somebody that can entertain me. I've always been crazy in bed, but there's things I won't do on film because I save it for my husband.

Personality wise, I act out the characters that I have to act out on film, but if you ever watch the Behind the Scenes footage, that's actually me. I'm a big dork. I like to make everybody laugh, and I will make stupid faces or do stupid dances.

But, I am very sexual. My mom will even tell you. She thinks I have this eye that I undress people with. She'll say, "Stop!," and I'm like, "What are you talking about?," and she'll say, "You look like you're going to devour that person."

IESB: You work in an industry where you're having sex with different people for a living, but you also maintain a successful marriage and family life. Is that because you just see it as work and keep it separate, or are there moments of jealousy that you have to work through?

Jesse: First of all, I live in Oklahoma. I don't get around the drama that people get into. The business has a lot of drama. If you live where it is, they try to split you up. If you're successful, they don't want you to work. But, my husband was in the business longer than I've been in it, and it just really helps that he has that understanding, and we both know it's work.

I can put work aside. I'm a mom. When I come home, I'm just a fun-loving dork, who's a football and baseball mom. I have friends, and we go out and do things, but I'm absolutely normal. I've dated people in the entertainment business, and they can't handle it. We just have a successful marriage because he was in the business four years longer than I've been in it, and he has a total understanding that work is work and home life is home life. You have to be able to separate it, or the relationship will never work. And, you have to trust each other and be very confident within yourself, or the jealousy bone is going to end up ruining things.

He's not in the business anymore, but I haven't had jealousy issues or a fight about it, and it hasn't become an issue. He's great. Seriously, I probably have the perfect husband. It's cool because he understands. He got to act out all his sexual fantasies for almost 10 years. I'm 6 ½ years into the business and I'm not done yet, but he understands that it's a job and he's just not jealous. I'm a natural flirt, anyways, and he just understands me. He knows I wouldn't push the line. He knows I'm not going anywhere because I get to have sex on film.

IESB: Having been in the industry for a number of years now, are there things that you've learned about yourself that surprised you?

Jesse: I never knew that I was strong-minded enough to deal with people that I thought were my friend, but that turned out to be back-stabbers who talked about me because of jealousy. I'm surprised about how many people, especially in Oklahoma where you can't even buy porn, think it's cool and know who I am. I'm in the middle of the Bible belt. I've learned that I'm strong enough that, if somebody comes to me and says, "Oh, my God, you're going to Hell," it doesn't bother me. Being in this business, I've figured out that I'm a lot stronger and hard-headed than I thought I would be.

IESB: Do you think that's part of what's helped you stay successful for so long, in an industry where so many girls come and go, so quickly?

Jesse: That could be part of the reason. But, I started at 22, and a lot of the girls that come into the business start at 18 or 19. They're very young, they're looking for a quick buck, or they're doing something to piss their parents off, or they want to get back at an ex-boyfriend, and they don't really have any business background. They're gullible and naive and, when these directors tell them that they have to do this many scenes or these kinds of scenes, and they'll throw so much money at them, the girls do it and then eventually get overshot, which is a problem.

At 18 or 19, these girls think this money is just going to keep coming in, and they never save it or do anything with it. They just don't choose the right things to do with this career. I started older and I knew a little bit more about business. They don't realize that it only takes one person to find out what you do. These girls think that nobody is going to find out what they do, and when their parents find out, they quit. I thought a lot of things through before I stepped into the business.

IESB: Because you've had so much success, do you feel the need to take the new Digital Playground contract girls under your wing and give them advice on maintaining a successful career?

Jesse: Oh, I love to! I get along with all of our girls, but my girl Riley Steele is my baby. She came to me a couple years ago, at the Hustler San Diego signing for Pirates, as a fan. She was beautiful and I was just staring at her. She was like, "Oh, my God, I love you!," and I was like, "Honey, here's a card. You should be in the business." But, I told her to think about it, and she did. She waited a couple of years to see if it was something that she definitely wanted to do, and then she decided to do it. So, I think of her as my baby. She asks me for advice all the time. We're actually really good friends, and I feel the need to protect her and tell her what she needs to do and the steps that she needs to take, and she's doing so good. I love her.

I've always gotten along with any of the girls that we've had, and I've always given them advice. I feel like I'm the mom of Digital Playground because I'm the one that's been there the longest. I've been through all the contract girls. I still talk to Teagan Presley, and some of the other girls, because I'm open to help anybody with advice. That's just the way I am. But, Riley is my favorite. She's my baby. She's really smart. She's going to do very good, in this business.

IESB: Have you ever had instances of people recognizing you that have really surprised you?

Jesse: Yeah! I got recognized at Toys R Us. Someone came up to me and I was like, "Really? You're going to come up to me at Toys R Us with your kid and my kid here? You really think my real name is Jesse?" But, it's flattering. I'm not offended. I just wish some people would wait and approach me the right way.

But, I've had older people and couples, and I have a lot of female fans. It blows my husband away. He's like, "I swear, I think you might have more girl fans than you do guy fans." It's really cool. It's just neat, especially being in Oklahoma where you can't buy porn, that a lot of people know who you are. That just really makes you feel good about yourself. If you can't even buy porn here and you know who I am, obviously Digital Playground and I have done something right.

I'm wild. I just put myself out there. You've gotta make women feel comfortable. Plus, I love women.

IESB: Did someone talk to you and educate you about sex growing up, or did you have to figure that out on your own?

Jesse: It's funny that you mention that because my parents aren't prudes, but it was the uncomfortable sex talk about the birds and the bees, and they left it at that. I just naturally had it in me to find my own sexuality. I was curious and knew a lot more things than what I thought I should know.

I didn't lose my virginity until I was 17, but I sure knew a lot. I just went with the feeling. I just got into it. Everybody's different and everybody has an awkward moment. Some people like sex better than other people do, and some people are crazier. The guy I lost my virginity to was my first husband. We were high school sweethearts. The first time hurt a little bit, but I worked into it. And, the second time, I just took over and dominated that way, and tried to find what I like and really got into it. From that point out, I was like, "I want sex, every day."

I still have sex every day with my husband, and we've been together for five years. I just like sex that much. I learned, with my own body, what I liked and I tried new things. It's just something I like. I guess you could say I'm kind of a nympho.

IESB: Was it difficult to tell your family that you wanted to be in the adult industry? How did they feel about your chosen profession, when you told them?

Jesse: It was funny because I don't hide things. I'm not embarrassed about what I do. So, I had gone to L.A. for the weekend and I signed my contract. I had to live in L.A. for the first two years, to build my name because it takes a lot of work to build your name. I knew there was no easy way to say it, and I'm not ashamed of it, but it's still that feeling of, "Oh, no, I have to tell my parents?"

I walked into their house and I was just sitting there, and I said, "Guess what? I'm moving to L.A. to be a porn star." There was no easy way to tell them, so I just told them like that. And, they just stood there for a minute, with their eyes wide open, and then my dad started cussing and my mom started crying. They were upset, but then my mom came to California, when I moved out there, so that I could show her what it was all about.

I had to explain it to her because, when a lot of people think of porn, they think of child pornography, or they think about women being beaten or degraded, and I'm not into that. I shoot five to six movies a year. I shoot very high-budget, high-quality, classy stuff. And, even though they obviously didn't see what I shot, ‘cause that's just weird, they saw the company that I worked for and how I handled myself business wise, and they knew that I'm not stupid, so they were like, "Okay, you've always known what you want to do and I'm not going to stop you. I might not like your job, but I'm going to accept it now."

IESB: Do you enjoy getting to make the big-budget adult films and having the chance to play characters that are different from who you are?

Jesse: Yeah, I like to do it all. I like to mix it up. I like the vignettes where there's no sound at all, and it's just music and sex, ‘cause then you just have great sex. And, I like to play characters and act things out ‘cause I'm into role-playing. If you fall into a character that's not you, it's like you're having sex as somebody else, and that's fun.
I like to be able to get to do different things. I even like to shoot the Jack's Playground gonzo stuff. It's still fun. I like to do everything. If you do the same thing, over and over again, it's boring. You need to sometimes do Pirates, Cheerleaders and Nurses, and just be somebody else and play a character. It makes it more fun and it turns you on more because you're role-playing. It's almost like you're living in somebody else's body and mind, as they're being dirty, and that's fun.

IESB: What do you get out of feature dancing and performing for a live audience that you don't get from working on a set?

Jesse: I love feature dancing! I've done it for two years now. I waited awhile because I had never stripped, but I love it because I love to dance. I have a dance background, in actual, real dancing. And, I love to put on my feature costumes, which are insane. I love to be in front of a live audience and feed off everybody's energy.

Dancing is a break for me. Dancing is something that I get to do, that I enjoy. Because I'm so busy, I don't get to go out dancing with my friends, so it's just fun. I like to meet my fans ‘cause I love my fans, and I like to feed off their energy. It's funny to watch people either go crazy or just stare. They're meeting somebody they watch on film and they fantasize about being with you, so it's funny to watch their reactions. I have so much fun feature dancing. It's probably one of my favorite things about this business.

IESB: What do you enjoy most about what you do, and what are the biggest challenges of it?

Jesse: I enjoy the traveling. I've gotten to go all over the world, and that's something I always had a dream of doing, since I was a kid. Being with Digital Playground, I've gotten to go to several different countries and all over the U.S., several times. I've seen the world and met really cool people.

But, that's also the challenge because, the more popular you get, the more you travel, and sometimes that takes a toll on you. It's hard, when you have a family, but you have to do it for your career. You're only going to be able to do your career for so long. So, it's the fun part and the challenging part of the business, but I wouldn't change anything that I've done. It's overwhelming sometimes, but it's really cool. I can't believe what I've gotten to do, and I can't believe it's already been 6 ½ years. Time flies, when you're having fun. All the places I've been and how many times I've been there is just crazy, when you think about it.

IESB: Have you given any thought at all, as to where you'd like to see your career go next? Are you looking to have your own production company or direct in the future, or do you just want to stay in front of the camera?

Jesse: I'm gonna stay in front of the camera for four to five more years, until I'm ready to be done. I'm coming out with my own toy line with Digital Playground and they're changing my website, so that I can do live webcam shows and be more interactive.

I don't want my own production company, and that's just a personal thing. The Internet has ruined DVD sales, so it's not as glamorous or as money-making as it was before, and I really don't want to waste my time. I wouldn't mind directing some of my own movies, but right now, I'm having fun with what I'm doing. I'm just going with the flow. I'm so busy right now that I don't have time to even try to direct.

IESB: You've done a lot of mainstream work with magazine layouts, music videos and acting roles. Was that something that you were looking to do, or were you surprised that all of that happened?

Jesse: It just happened, and it's been great. I have a few movies coming out. I shot the Adam Sandler movie, Born to Be A Star, but I play myself. I got a bigger part in it, but I couldn't shoot one of the days and they couldn't back that day up, so the big part that I got was cut to a smaller part. But, it's still a mainstream movie that will be in theaters in 2010.

And then, I got to play myself in Middle Men, with Luke Wilson and James Caan. And, I did Let the Game Begin, with Thomas Ian Nicholas and Natasha Henstridge. And, I did Entourage. Those all just fell into my lap. All that stuff just came about, and it's something I didn't expect. Honestly, I would never try to pursue mainstream, and I don't want to ever leave the adult industry, but I love doing mainstream projects.

IESB: Would you like to do some roles where you're playing more of a character?

Jesse: I would love to do anything that's offered to me. I could have had a lot more opportunities, but living in Oklahoma makes it difficult. People call you, thinking you live in L.A., and they need you the next day. Even if I did live in L.A., you can't book me the next day because I'm booked a month in advance. Unless it's a really big thing, I can't change my scheduling around.

But, I would definitely love any opportunity to act out any character. I'd love to play different characters, like a bad-ass, a psycho, a sweetheart or the bubbly girl-next-door. I love to do anything. I like the challenge, and I just have fun doing it. I've gotten to meet really cool people and have a lot of opportunities, and it's just been fun. Any opportunity I get to do anything, I'm always up for it.

IESB: What accomplishment are you most proud of, both personally and professionally?

Jesse: Personally, just the experiences I've gotten to have, with the traveling I've gotten to do and the money that I've made. I bought my house, my cars and my truck, and I've been able to provide some bad-ass things for myself and my family, and go on cool vacations.

Professionally, I'm proud of the fact that, 6 ½ years later, I'm still doing good, I still have fans and I haven't been kicked out.

Jenna Jameson Does Playboy, PETA & Peeves Off McDonalds

Only four months ago, Jenna Jameson welcomed twin boys into the world and already the retired porn princess has dropped those pregnancy pounds, is back in tip-top shape and doing what she does best — taking her clothes off.

Pop Tarts has exclusively learned that Jameson shot quite the sexy campaign for Playboy Magazine in Los Angeles on Thursday evening, but in between takes for her upcoming spread the adult superstar took a stand by shooting a new ad for PETA's McCruelty campaign against McDonald's. Although Jameson donned a sexy strapless dress, she is bound to turn you off your Happy Meal.

"Chickens killed for McNuggets are slammed into metal shackles. Spinning blades meant to cut their throats often tear through their wings or bodies instead,” Jameson said in the 30-second spot which is set to hit the airwaves this Fall. “Many birds survive this terrifying, painful process, only to be scalded to death in defeathering tanks. There’s a less cruel method of slaughter that renders chickens unconscious, but McDonald’s chooses to allow birds to be mutilated and scalded instead."

A rep for McDonalds did not respond for comment.

But back to something almost as important, like Jameson’s sensuous structure, the starlet credits her strict vegetarian diet , “healthy” relationship with her man Tito Ortiz and oddly enough, paddle-boarding for bringing back her pre-preggo body.

Warner Bros. Under Fire Over 'Irresponsible' New Horror Film Targeting Adopted Children

Warner Bros. new horror flick “Orphan” may be causing its audience to scream, but it is also causing a squeal from a growing number of national adoption groups and organizations who are urging Americans to boycott the flick which is centered on an evil adopted child.

Leading philanthropist and founder of Children Uniting Nations which supports foster youth, Daphna Ziman, is one of the many who are outraged and joining the charge to promote a socially responsible solution.

“Although we recognize the film is fiction, the response we have had from adoption groups and potential adoptive parents has been overwhelming,” Ziman told Tarts. “When a major corporation sensationalizes on an area that affects our nation's most needy children without responsible messaging it is unconscionable. Warner Bros. needs to be socially conscientious of the children they are potentially harming and put a disclaimer on the film and a public service announcement educating viewers on the plight of children living in protective custody through no fault of their own.”

Advocacy groups believe that the film may feed into any possible pre existing doubt and prevent parents from adopting. Although Warner Bros is yet to meet Ziman’s request for a meeting with executives to add the disclaimer, the studio has reportedly removed a highly criticized line from the film where the orphan Ester says, “It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own.”

“'Orphan’ is a work of fiction; it is not a depiction of any real-life events or situations and has never been portrayed as anything but an entirely fictional story,” a rep for Warner Bros told Tarts in response. “We apologize if we appeared insensitive with the initial trailer as it's never our intent to offend anyone with our products.”

K-Fed is K-Fat & Financially Tight

Despite the fact Kevin Federline is earning around $30,000 a month in child support from ex wife Britney Spears, Pop Tarts has been told that the backup dancer turned reality star failed to tip the cocktail waitresses even a single penny at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Wasted Space on Thursday night even after being given two complimentary bottles of Grey Goose.

After wrapping up his new VH1 reality show, a particularly heavier Federline partied hard with yesterday girlfriend Victoria and a group of 15 friends while his VH1 stage crew spent most of the night filming while sipping cocktails. At one point K-Fed decided he wanted to draw more attention to himself and got on stage to hype the Sin City crowd, bragging that he was intoxicated. Fed and his we-don’t-tip posse left the club around 3 a.m., when they reportedly moved on to party in the new Paradise Tower Mega Suite.

But on the brighter side, Brit’s conservatorship is up for review and November and she may very well be her own boss again — and perhaps one step closer to regaining custody of her two sons.

Pop Tarts Scene & Herd

Matthew Broderick quietly reading the paper while on board the Hamptons Luxury Liner heading west to Manhattan from Amagansett on Monday afternoon.

Jamie Pressly celebrating her birthday at the new BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood on Monday with her new man (an entertainment lawyer) and a group of friends. Pressly was also spotted checking into Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on Thursday and overheard gushing that her new beau is actually her fiancé!

Karina Smirnoff (and her puppy) prancing down the runway in couture from Natori at Animal Fair Magazine’s 10th Annual PAWS FOR STYLE charitable fashion show to benefit The Humane Society of New York on Monday night.

Denise Richards hanging out in her cabana drinking Belvedere Vodka with a group of friends at the TAG SIGNTAURE SERIES Launch at the London Hotel in LA on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, Ryan Philippe came early to hang out with Ludacris.

Bette Midler at the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill, PA to see its new Tree Adventure exhibit featuring Out on a Limb, a 450 foot long canopy walk that soars 50 feet above the forest floor on Tuesday.

Audrina Patridge partying up at Red Bull Toasted honoring Travis Pastrana at Hollywood's Avalon on Tuesday night. Verne Troyer also attended and was made of on-stage by almost everyone over his sex tape controversy last year.

Jessica Alba and her daughter Honor stopping into Beverly Hills hotspot Lemonade for lunch and a Watermelon Rosemary Lemonade on Wednesday.

Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole enjoying date night with Brody's folks at West Hollywood's new BOA location on Wednesday night.

Brody Jenner and girlfriend Jayde Nicole enjoying date night with Brody's folks at the new West Hollywood location BOA Steakhouse on Wednesday night.

Brooke Shields getting ‘NYC’ etched on the back of her phone using Coveroo while chatting to Chloe Sevigny at the Blackberry Tour Sprint Launch Event in NYC's Thompson Hotel on Wednesday night. Meanwhile “Gossip Girl” hottie Chace Crawford was caught out texting a very important man in his life - his father.

Dayanara Torres discussing her plans for a summer vacation in Europe over truffle fries and a glass of chardonnay at STK Los Angeles on Wednesday evening.

Denise Richards and Chelsea Handler getting their nails done at the GIVE & GET FÊTE benefiting Dress for Success Worldwide-West at the Frédéric Fekkai Salon in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

The Hilton sisters, Camila Alves, Olivia Wilde, Molly Sims, Mandy Moore, Gabrielle Union and Nikki Reed mixing and mingling at the EXPRESS TXT L8TR Campaign Event at Nobu West Hollywood on Wednesday night.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s" Danielle Staub celebrating her (gasp) 47th Birthday and lifting her shirt to show off her abs and belly button ring to guests at the launch party in NYC on Wednesday.

Kevin Federline at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas on Thursday relaxing at the HRH Beach Pool Club before filming his new VH1 reality show.

Married country music couple and commercial stars Joey & Rory telling Tarts from their hometown in Nashville last week about the personal pain captured in their new single 'Say Goodbye'.

"About 15 years ago I lost my brother in a car wreck, my mom and I were the first ones to the scene even before the ambulance. He never made it through and we had to let him go," said Joey. "We never really got to tell him goodbye and this song is for that story, other people tell us that hearing this song has helped them cope and heal too."

Danny DeVito and his wife having a late lunch of blueberry pancakes at macrobiotic hotspot M Cafe in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon. DeVito then caught up with his "Twins" co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger at YOGEN FRüZ nearby.

Annalynne McCord refusing to get a complimentary "Twilight" special services package while at the Gavert Atelier Salon of Beverly Hills on Thursday, despite her on again/off again relationship with Kellan Lutz.

Newly single Kim Kardashian strong and happy while having a "Fit in Your Jeans" BBQ at the Sierra Mist Malibu House on Thursday to celebrate being the #1 buns workout since April. The reality starlet even helped her sis Kourtney and friends work off the BBQ with some signature moves.

Hugh Jackman working out with personal trainer Jim Karas on Thursday at the James Hotel in Chicago.

Cuba Gooding Jr. at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas’ new restaurant Rare 120 with a group of guys on Thursday night while in town for the Bad Boys of Hockey tournament put on by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Dave Navarro rocking all black and several skull rings while munching on tuna and scallops with a friend at STK Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Taylor Swift looking her typically stunning self in the lobby of the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Usher at a VIP table with two friends at Moon Nightclub inside the Palms in Vegas in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Julianne Hough celebrating her 21st birthday with her closeknit family at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City on Saturday. The whole group chowed down at Bobby Flay Steak in Borgata where Julianne drank a specialty cocktail made exclusively for her in honor of her special day before moving on to club mur.mur where she and her sisters danced the night away after blowing out the candles on her Cowboy boot birthday cake.

Christina Aguilera sipping on Vueve Cliquot champagne while watching the Vegas style performances in the main room of Playhouse Hollywood on Saturday night while Mario Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Jordan Bratman, Rachel Leigh Cook, Oscar De La Hoya and Daniel Gilles partied in the VIP room upstairs.

Cuba Gooding Jr., Ne-Yo, Brody Jenner and Elijah Kelley hanging out at Body English inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas on Saturday night. On again/off again lovers Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson were also at Body English (making out for most of the night) and Pam even ate off his candy necklace.